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Monday, 7 April 2014

How To Fix Dell Laptop Lock Up Issues?

Has your Dell Laptop suddenly stops or hangs? Then you need to fix this lock up issue quickly with the help of certain handy tips. You can also go for Dell Laptop Support for help.

Does your Dell laptop lock up frequently? Does it start rebooting without showing any error? Then, you need Dell laptop support to fix these issues quickly. You can even run your laptop diagnostics online from the official Dell website. If you are unable to go online, then here are the quick resolutions for the lock up issues.

Maintain And Update Your Laptop

If you want to enjoy an error-free Dell computing experience, then you need to maintain your laptop for better performance. Always make sure that your laptop has all the latest Windows updates and drivers installed in your laptop. Remove every unwanted files from your laptop regularly and run the Disk Defragmenter tool once in a month for better performance. Protect your computer by activating firewall and installing advanced antivirus. Make sure that you don’t have many anti-virus programs installed on your computer, as your laptop will start to freeze up frequently.

Update BIOS

The lock up issue can be a result of outdated BIOS settings. Regularly update your BIOS so that your Dell laptop does not cause any issue. If updating the BIOS setting does not work, then try to install the updated version of drivers. You can get help from Dell Tech Support.

Uninstall Recently Added Software Or Hardware

If your laptop starts hanging after you have installed any application or hardware, then that might be the culprit.  Uninstall that component and check if the problem still persists. If not, then try to reinstall the hardware or software with Dell help & support.

Perform System Restore

With System Restore, you can make your Dell laptop go back to previous settings or restore point. With this feature, you can fix this issue quickly as your laptop will go back to the previous setting on which your laptop was working fine.
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